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Fingertip sensor gives robot unprecedented dexterity

Researchers at MIT and Northeastern University have equipped a robot with a novel tactile sensor that lets it grasp a USB cable draped freely over a hook and insert it into a USB port. (
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Artificial spleen cleans up blood

Researchers have developed a high-tech method to rid the body of infections — even those caused by unknown pathogens. A device inspired by the spleen can quickly clean blood of everything from Escherichia coli to Ebola. (
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'Cloaking' device uses ordinary lenses to hide objects across...

Inspired perhaps by Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, scientists have recently developed several ways—some simple and some involving new technologies—to hide objects from view. (
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Group looking to fund cloud water harvesting project

A small group of Russian technologists, led by inventor Andrew Kazantsev, is looking to raise $14,000 with an Indiegogo project that seeks to build a full scale air hydroelectric station. (
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A Worm That Get’s It All

A robotic probe that is the eyes and ears for a rescue team – this is what the RoboWorm is all about. It is designed to house an accordion-like body and has movements that mimic an earthworm. (
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The Wild Power

Energy Harvesting is device that uses temperature differences between objects to source renewable energy via a thermoelectric generator and thermoelectric energy management chips. (
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